yelp stars 5  My first time trying this place a couple of weeks ago. The food was delicious and the service was great!

thumb Debbie W.

yelp stars 2  Very pricey prices have doubled from the post that is on yelp the food was a decent amount portion Waze lacked flavor in their pulled pork sandwiches a bit dry.. see picture

thumb Eric M.

yelp stars 4  I've heard about Britt's BBQ in the South Bay Beach Cities, so when we stumbled upon it in El Segundo, I recognized the name and had to try it.

I had the Gumbo, which isn't fried nor BBQ, so not traditional to the menu they're known for.  It was good.  Now, I have to return to try their BBQ.

Parking is fairly easy, especially if you are willing to walk a block or so.

The service was very friendly.

thumb Rick S.

yelp stars 5  The best ribs!!!! Seriously. Try them. The sauce and flavor is perfection!!!! Also the best customer service which is really hard to come across these days! This is definitely a must if you're in the area!

thumb Abigail C.

yelp stars 4  As my homies back home would say: "this is stoopid dummy fire". Was worth breaking my *no red meat unless it's culturally significant ™* rule.

A previous place in Culver City that I visited advertised that they did BBQ, I invite them to visit Britt's to get an Oprah level Masterclass of BBQ done right. And I mean that BBQ that makes you shut up and just eat. I mean that BBQ that makes you get to know your significant other, MORE significantly. This is the spot, as odd as it is to find it smack dab in El Segundo.

Such welcoming service and helpful suggestions when we entered and asked what would be best. They have this immaculate monstrosity of a sandwich that I wasn't brave enough for, but it looked like whatever all the good sins are wrapped up in crispy, light, flavorful hero bread. Is that thing worth 3 hours on the porcelain throne? Probably. Someone hit that up and report back.

We got the smoked fried chicken and half rack of ribs. I blacked out for about thirty minutes and when I resurfaced it was all gone. It was that good. Also, my grandparents are from the south so the cornbread game I grew up on always has left me unsatisfied here in LA. But these folks did it right. Their cornbread is certified.

I do wish there was a bit more spice on the rub of the ribs though so couldn't give it a perfect rating.

Also I'm a bougie water supremacist but that tall styrofoam cups were absolutely better than any Aqua Panna you can find... and when I saw what he was using to refill our cups - let me tell you... it made me rethink my whole agua hierarchy.

Because it was arrowhead. That's right. This place is so good, they make arrowhead water taste good.

thumb Matt L.

yelp stars 5  Great place. Glad to have a great local bbq place. Art was very kind and the food was delicious.

thumb Young-Sub B.

yelp stars 5  Been going to BBQ spot for the last 7 months. Very good tri tip and brisket. Come try.

thumb Eduardo G.

yelp stars 5  Had a pleasant experience, clean restaurant with very good quality food!!! Good customer service!! Came in for lunch with coworkers easy to order!!!

thumb Anthony M.

yelp stars 5  Came for lunch with coworkers had really good food. Also the service as well as the servers were nice. The tri tip is delicious the other items on the menu is also good.

thumb John S.

yelp stars 5  I've got to say this is the best bbq food I've ever had. We ordered for a co-workers bday get together. We got the tri tip, brisket, potato salad, Mac n cheese and beans. Everything was so delicious. The brisket was amazing. The sides were very good. Everyone loved it and still can't stop talking about this place. We will be ordering again  Tracy is the catering guy and was super nice and helpful. Didn't mind how many questions you had, he'd answer. So go check them out.

thumb Laura D.